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OHOA Module: Understanding Communication Principles

Learning Activity 3: Supporting Communication

Time to complete: 2 hours


Watch this slide presentation:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Being Available

Do you remember the video clips of the girl who is deaf-blind (her name is Lauren) sitting on a couch? In one video her uncle came to sit next to her and she responded to him. In the next video an unfamiliar person came to sit next to her. She responded differently to the unfamiliar person, but in both situations she reached out to the person sitting next to her. 

For this discussion board, respond to the following questions:

1. In each of the video clips, what are some of Lauren's behaviors that suggest she is either comfortable or uncomfortable with the person sitting next to her? 

2. If you were to explain to a person who had never met a student with deaf-blindness how to approach the student, what advice would you give them?



It is important to be fully available to the student and share in his experiences. Remember, ride the slide.