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OHOA Module: Understanding Communication Principles


Time to complete: 5 minutes

A key role of the intervener is to provide access to communication and assist in the development of a student's communication skills. This module and the "Emergent Communication" module are designed to help you begin to gain the knowledge and skills you need to carry out this important role.

Together, the two modules provide an introduction to emergent communicators who are deaf-blind. "Emergence" means a gradual beginning or coming forth. A rising to the surface. The modules are about how to help communication emerge in students who are deaf-blind. They build on information provided in the module, "Building Trusted Relationships." 

To get started, watch this video clip in which Bernadette Van Den Tillaart explains the importance of understanding the meaning and processes of communication when working with students who are deaf-blind.

Download the following glossary. It will help you keep track of terms you will learn about in the module.