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OHOA Module: Sexuality

Learning Activity 2: Dignity, Respect, and Privacy

Time to complete: 1 hour


Watch this slide presentation:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Sexuality Scenarios

Choose two of the following scenarios and imagine that you are the intervener. Read your chosen scenarios carefully and respond to the questions. Post your responses.  

Scenario #1 
You have been asked to consult with another intervener at a neighboring school. Upon entering the classroom you observe teachers conducting small group activities. The intervener calls you over toward the bathroom and says, “Come on over. I’ll just be a minute.” As you approach the bathroom door, you see a 15-year-old male student sitting on the toilet with the bathroom door open to the classroom.  

What do you do?
Why did you handle it this way? 

Scenario #2  
You arrive at the community pool with Prisha, a seven-year-old student. While waiting for the changing rooms to be unlocked, you undo Prisha’s belt and top button of her jeans to speed up the undressing process and then walk toward the changing room.   

Is this appropriate?  
Why or why not?

Scenario #3  
You work as an intervener for Stephanie, a 17-year-old high school student. Stephanie hasn’t shown any romantic interest in any of her classmates. Prom night is approaching and the special day class teacher wants you to help pair up students in the class so that everyone has a prom date. The teacher asks you to make a poster with the names and photos of all the boys in the special day class so that Stephanie can choose her date.  

Is this appropriate?  
What might you suggest to the teacher?  

Scenario #4  
You serve as the intervener for Diego, a 12-year-old boy with CHARGE syndrome. You are in the school breakroom and one of the other staff members mentions to the group that she has just learned about micropenis and its association with CHARGE syndrome. She turns to you and asks, “Does Diego have that problem?”  

How would you answer her question?  


Dignity, respect, and privacy are vital to any sexuality education program because they are important to all people. In times past, people with disabilities were not viewed by some as fully human. That is why emphasizing dignity, respect, and privacy are essential aspects of providing intervention.