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Module 2: Early Intervention for Children Who Are Deafblind

Parent Perspectives

An important part of understanding and gaining practical skills for working with infants and toddlers who are deafblind is understanding parents’ perspectives.

You briefly met Kari Harbath and Madeline Cheney in the lessons for this module. In the following short videos, you’ll hear more from them about what it is like to be the mother of a young child who is deafblind. Listen as they share their experiences during the critical years of early intervention and the teamwork that’s involved.

Sloan sits in a chair with her mom standing behind her. They are outside at an event.
Sloan and Kari Harbath
Baby Kimball in the NICU. Mom an dad are standing behind.
Kimball, Juston, and Madeline Cheney

Parent Perspective: Madeline Cheney, Kimball’s Mom