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Posted Aug 08, 2018|Archived Webinar

2018 National Webinar: Improving the Use of Effective Practices Through Coaching

Recorded August 8, 2018

Coaching is a process in which an experienced practitioner or consultant observes, instructs, and provides feedback--on a regular basis--to a less experienced practitioner, to ensure that he or she is implementing a program or practice correctly. Research indicates that coaching is an important supplement to group training events in developing teachers' capacity to implement evidence-based practices. It has been estimated that after teachers learn about a new strategy, observe it being demonstrated, and practice it, only about 5% will actually implement it consistently in the classroom. When coaching is added, this estimate rises to 95% (Joyce & Showers, 2002). This webinar will review coaching best practices and describe coaching resources being developed by NCDB. 

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Presenter Information

Kristi Probst
Intervener and Qualified Personnel Initiative Lead, National Center on Deaf-Blindness

Carlie R. Rhoads
NLCSD Scholar, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University Program in Visual Disabilities