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Posted Oct 16, 2020|Job

Job Announcement, Florida Deaf-Blind Project Assistant Director

Florida and Virgin Island Deaf-Blind Collaborative, University of Florida

Applications due October 22, 2020

Administrative - Assists the project director in planning, implementing, and evaluating the technical assistance, training, and dissemination activities of the project. Establishes performance goals and measures to evaluate success. Supervises day to day operations including supervision of FAVIDBC (Florida and Virgin Island Deaf-Blind Collaborative) staff. Oversees staff to develop individualized, child-centered solutions that address the strengths and needs of children and young adults with deaf-blindness through the state. Researches information sources, using various media (i.e., the internet, literature, etc.); and attend conferences to collect and disseminate best evidence-based practices to support families, service providers, educators, who work with individuals who are deaf-blind. Develops intensive professional development opportunities. Identifies opportunities to connect FAVI to relevant research collaborations relevant to the core missions of state deaf-blind projects.

Collaboration - Builds and strengthens agency collaboration at state, regional and national level to increase organizational abilities to implement evidence-based practices and policies relevant to youth under the age of 22 years who are deaf-blind. Represents FAVI in multi-state and Southeastern state initiatives to improve transition services, multi-cultural approaches to serving families, and increasing availability of intervener resources.

Support - Provides technical support for family members, school district personnel, and other state and local agencies, who provide services to children and young adults who are deaf-blind. Particular emphasis will be on identifying eligible individuals and instructional/educational strategies. Arranges or provides trainings on deaf-blindness, vision loss, hearing loss, multiple disabilities, special education and many other topics. Provides trainings to districts, schools, agencies, professionals, teams and/or teachers serving children and young adults with deaf-blindness. Work with educators and service providers to determine the models of support that will best meet the needs of children and families.

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