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Posted Mar 30, 2020|Webinar

Connections Beyond Sight and Sound Webinar Series for Families and Support Providers

Connections Beyond Sight and Sound and the Family Support and Resource Center are excited to bring you several webinars over the next month from professionals around MD and DC to help support your family and deaf +/ deafblind child during these trying times.

This webinar series is offered by the MD project, but is open to individuals from other states. Webinars will be recording and can be viewed on the MD Project Website

The Journey to Mealtime Peace: Supporting Picky Eaters
May 1, 2020
3:00-4:30 PM EST

Structure at Home: Let's Build it!
May 6, 2020 
3:00-4:30 PM EST

Working with Medically Fragile Children: Nurturing Resilience and Creating Memories
May 12, 2020 
3:00-4:30 PM EST 

Basic ASL Vocabulary 
May 13 and 27, 2020 
3:00-4:30 PM EST 

Transition 101
May 19, 2020
3:00-4:30 PM EST 

Moving CVI Students from 3-Dimensional Objects to 2-Dimensional Objects 
May 21, 2020
3:00-4:30 PM EST

Language Development and Deafblindness
May 26, 2020
3:00-4:30 PM EST