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DbI Network of the Americas virtual Topical Discussion

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December 08, 2022
4:00 pm PST
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Maurice Belote
Two Buildings Organization Agency
DbI Network of the Americas Board

Maurice Belote is a well-known and respected Deafblind Educational Specialist and the former Project Coordinator of California Deafblind Services. Maurice will discuss "Why we need and like closure, avoid and dislike ambiguity, and strive to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by it all."

All people have a need for closure—from little things like finishing daily activities to big things like achieving major goals. This need for closure may be even greater for children and young adults who are deafblind, who may not have as many opportunities to experience the big and small moments of closure throughout their lives. Lack of opportunities to satisfactorily experience closure may lead to increased stress and anxiety, much of which could be avoided or at least minimized. This stress and anxiety can be compounded by ambiguity, which is something we all experience but that may be magnified simply as a result of living life as a person who is deafblind. This training will cover why closure is so important, the impact of ambiguity on stress and anxiety, and simple things we can do to support the everyday lives of our children/students.