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Deafblind International Communication Network Webinars

Calendar When
April 29, 2021
1:00 PM GMT - 4:00 PM GMT
Person Icon Presenter
Rachel Kavanagh, Canada and Maria Aparecida Cormedi, Brazil
Two Buildings Organization Agency
Deafblind International

This webinar series is based on the series of booklets, Communication and Congenital Deafblindness, and is aimed at family members of children and adults who were born with deafblindness or those with limited language (speech or sign) who wish to develop their own communication skills and the skills of their deafblind family member.

Each webinar will be interactive and have a maximum of 30 participants. To register, email Helle Buelund Selling,

Webinar 1: Early social interaction
Making contact, body distance, sharing attention, and how to be responsive to:

  • Utterances and initiatives – sounds, movements, gestures
  • Emotional signals

Video examples will be used and each group will have the opportunity to analyze the videos to see what is working well in each interaction.

See the DBI Webinar Series for more information on the series.