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[POSTPONED] Getting Familiar with the Communication Matrix Webinar & Community of Practice to Support You and Your Child

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Kelly Fonner
Two Buildings Organization Agency
Project Reach: Illinois DeafBlind Services

This event has been postponed until January 2021. A specific date will be provided soon. 

Note: The primary audience for this event is families. A separate webinar on the Communication Matrix, for professionals, is also scheduled for January.

The Communication Matrix is a free online assessment for expressive communication for infants, toddlers, children, and even adults measuring skills from birth to 24 months expressively. There is also an online community of practice support group for searching communication strategies and tools and to ask questions of the larger Matrix community.

During this webinar, Kelly Fonner, M.S., who has been using the communication matrix for over 15 years, will share information about getting started, tips for completing the assessment, the data you will get and how to get assistance to support the outcomes. In order to have a "hands on" experience, it will be very helpful for you to login and get your free account started. If you are new to the Communication Matrix please and create a new account (it is free!) at least one day before the webinar.

To learn more about the presenter please visit Kelly Fonner's website.