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National DeafBlind Teen Camp H20

Calendar When
July 21-24, 2020
Map Pin Where
Dogwood on Lake Norman
Sherrill’s Ford, NC

The NC DeafBlind Interagency Team along with Industries for the Blind Solutions is excited to co-host the first national DeafBlind Teen Camp for 8-12th graders. This is the first recreational camp for teens with both hearing and vision loss or have a condition leading to legal Blindness and significant hearing loss. 

All camp activities will be led by DeafBlind mentor-counselors who communicate using visual or tactile American Sign Language or spoken English.  Interpreters and Support Service Providers will be provided to assist with navigating the environment and communication between signers and non-signers.

The goal of this camp is to provide an environment where DeafBlind teens can interact with each other as well as with Deafblind mentors. Activities will include swimming, boating, fishing, arts and crafts, and educational small group discussions.

Criteria includes:

  • Must be DeafBlind or have a condition leading to DeafBlind such as Usher Syndrome (DeafBlind means having a combination of significant hearing and vision loss)
  • Age 14-19 and in 9-12th grade
  • Connected to state DB Project
  • Able to dress and eat independently
  • Able to communicate and have a good use of preferred communication mode (ASL: tactile or visual; oral /spoken English: with or without amplification)
  • Must have medical waiver signed by doctor