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Posted Jun 30, 2022|Announcement

Peer Mentoring for Children with Usher Syndrome

Mentoring relationships can make a huge difference in children’s lives, but identifying mentors for those with Usher syndrome can be challenging. To address this issue, NCDB, the National Deaf Center, and the Usher Syndrome Coalition began a partnership a year ago to develop a peer mentoring program for children and youth with Usher syndrome. 

A kickoff event for the next major phase of the project will be held July 9, the first day of the Usher Syndrome Coalition’s USH Connections Conference. In the months that follow, a curriculum will be developed and mentors recruited, screened, supported, and trained. Likewise, parents and parent groups will assist with identifying mentee candidates. 

The work of the mentoring project involved input and assistance from a number of individuals and groups, including state deaf-blind projects and the Helen Keller National Center as well as people with Usher syndrome and families with children who have Usher syndrome.

When finalized, the mentoring program will be overseen by the Usher Syndrome Coalition, where it will be used as one of their tools to build and support the community.