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Posted Mar 24, 2022|Job

Job Announcement: Perkins Education Director

Perkins School for the Blind is hiring for an Education Director of the DeafBlind School program. The position will oversee the design and implementation of educational services for students who are deafblind, including those with multiple disabilities. This position serves as a key member of a collaborative administrative team. Successful job candidates must demonstrate knowledge and experience in best practice in the education of students who are deafblind. The position will lead the development and implementation of best practices in both the academic and residential programs. The position provides supervision to teachers, related service providers, and staff, and manages and facilitates staff development. The ability to communicate with parents, employees, Local Education Authorities (LEAs), and other community members is a critical part of this position. 

PDF DocumentPerkins Education Director Job DescriptionPDF Document|102.2 KB