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Southeast Regional Deafblind Webinar Series

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February 16, 2023
2:30 pm ET - 4:00 pm ET

February 16, 2023

Title: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What does this mean for our Families who have a Child with Deaf-Blindness

Our deaf-blind families have unique challenges as they navigate life. How are we providing equity for our families? What strategies can we provide for all families to feel empowered and engaged? Hear from our families, thought leaders, and an advocate with disabilities and let’s learn together!


  • Myrna Medina, California Deafblind Services (CDBS) Family Engagement Specialist, Parent, native of Mexico and fluent in English and Spanish. 
  • Jana Villemez, NCDB Family Initiative Lead, former Family consultant, CAYSI DB Project, social worker


  • Ben Daigle, CHARGE Community Volunteer and Thought Leader
  • Nancy Giurato, Trisomy 18 parent, NC Family Engagement Corrdinator
  • Karonica Mikell, Parent with a child who is Deaf-Blind and multiple complex needs, MS Family Leader
  • Lourdes Quintana-Baez, Outreach Coordinator, CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Thought Leader
  • Nilam Agrawal, Usher parent, Family Leader
  • Mike Fagbemi, NCDB Transition Lead, Thought Leader
  • Mayia Warren, Philanthropreneur, Person with Albinism, Blindness, and multiple disabilities

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Mark your calendars! 

  • March: No webinar
  • April 20, 2023 – Rachel Pilling – CVI and ASD
  • May 18, 2023 – Gordon Dutton – CVI

Sponsored by:

  • Kentucky Deaf-Blind Project
  • Tennesse Deaf-Blind Project
  • South Carolina Interagency Deaf-Blind Project
  • North Carolina Deaf-Blind Project
  • Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project
  • Georgia Sensory Assistance Project
  • Alabama Initiative for Children and Youth Who Are DeafBlind
  • Arkansas Children and Youth with Sensory Impairments
  • Delaware Program for Children with Deaf-Blindness
  • Florida and Virgin Islands Deaf-Blind Collaborative