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Early Identification and Referral Toolbox

Build Partnerships

Once you have an understanding of how Part C works and who the key people are, look for partners with whom you can collaborate. Collaborative opportunities include the following:

  • Contact Part C and Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) coordinators to tell them about your project (note: not every state has a CSPD coordinator)
  • Invite Part C administrators or service providers to serve on your advisory board
  • If you are involved in or building a low-incidence advisory group in your state, consider including Part C leadership or personnel 
  • If you have a newsletter or email distribution list, include early intervention administrators and service providers
  • Seek out other entities in your state that collaborate with Part C on identification and referral (look for networking opportunities such as local conferences, social media, professional organization email lists, and state agency announcements)

Part C personnel responsible for early identification and referral:

  • Evaluation coordinators
  • Part C providers (e.g., service coordinators, educators, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists)
  • Family resource consultants
  • Infant/toddler vision and hearing providers
  • Regional Part C early intervention office personnel