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OHOA Module: Accessing the Curriculum and the Environment

Learning Activity 4: Providing Access to Achieve Future Success

Time to complete: 2 hours


Watch this slide presentation:


Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Technology Plan

Technology is unpredictable. The key to an effective technology plan is the ability to adjust to any situation that might occur. Technology failure will likely happen, so it's important to have a plan that can be adapted to use little or no technology, everyday objects, simple environmental changes, or people.

Low tech means there are aids involved, but they don’t typically rely on electricity and their use is generally self-explanatory. A low-tech plan will often use pictograms or signs to convey a message. No-tech plans rely on people rather devices. 

To complete this assignment, choose one of the options below and post your answers to the discussion board:

Option 1: Your student's FM system is not working. The audiologist and teacher of the deaf are both on a plane to an out-of-state conference and not available to help. Write one paragraph in which you solve the problem using everyday items. Include information about why the solution is either a temporary fix or, potentially, a new way to think about the technology plan.

Option 2: List at least three functions of a cell phone that could be used as a temporary replacement for a faulty assistive technology device. Briefly describe how each function could be used.

Option 3: List four items that cost less than a dollar (or are readily available in a classroom) that could be used to hold paper in place for a student. Briefly describe how each item could be used.


Preparing for the future should begin early and is an ongoing process throughout a student's education.