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OHOA Module: Social Skills and Peer Relationships

Learning Activity 2: How to Support Natural Social Interactions

Time to complete: 2 hours


Watch these slide presentations:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Service Club Discussion:

A 7th-grade student with deaf-blindness belongs to a service club at her middle school. In order to ensure she has a valued role, consider the following:

  • Is she assuming a role that is necessary in the group? In other words, is it a role that must be performed?
  • Is the role valued by other members? (Is it “cool?”)
  • Does she have a choice of which role to assume?
  • Is she contributing in different ways over time or is her role static?
  • Does everyone have the opportunity to give and receive support? (Interdependence)
  • How can you assure that the student with deaf-blindness has a valued role within the group?

Respond to at least one other person’s post about strategies that could be used to foster the student’s engagement in the activities of the group.



  • Seek shared activities that focus on equity in terms of the roles each student plays.
  • Interveners must avoid inadvertently becoming a barrier to friendship building.