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OHOA Module: Social Skills and Peer Relationships

Learning Activity 1: How Social Skills Impact School and Post-School Success

Time to complete: 2 hours


Watch this video:

Watch this slide presentation:

Read the following:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Kristin's Barriers

Think about Kristin’s experience from the video at the beginning of Learning Activity 1 and answer these three questions. Then respond to at least one other person’s discussion board post about helpful strategies.

  • What specific barriers to making friends at college does Kristin identify?
  • How might these barriers be related to Kristin’s vision and hearing loss?
  • What are some strategies that might be helpful in supporting Kristin to make more social connections in college?

Keep this information in mind as you go through the module. You’ll learn many new strategies for supporting social connections with children and youth who are deaf-blind.


Having good social skills is important because they contribute to success during the school years and in adulthood. For children and youth who are deaf-blind, social skills need to be taught in ways that are accessible and meaningful to each child.