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OHOA Module: Touch for Connecting and Learning

Learning Activity 4: Touch and Communication

Time to complete: 2 hours


Watch these slide presentations:

Watch this video:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity: Touch - A Magical Means of Communication

Respond to at least two of the following: 

  1. What are some examples of types of touch children experience that serve purposes that cannot be fulfilled with other means of communication? How does this apply to your student who is deaf-blind?
  2. What are some ways that mutual touch and co-exploring could be used with your student who is deaf-blind to help him or her reach out to the world? How do they benefit the student and your relationship with him or her?
  3. Noncommanding touch is an important concept in the article. Reflect on an experience you had in which you felt one person was controlling or commanding, instead of developing a positive relationship. Is there a way the person in control could have made touch express tactile togetherness instead?


Meaningful touch means meaningful to the student.