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READY Tool: Readiness Evaluation of Transition to Adulthood for Deaf-Blind Youth

Age 14 to 17

Age 14 through 17 is often seen as the most critical time for transition preparation and rightly so! Essential tasks for the team during this time include:

  • Conducting assessments that provide information needed to plan for adult life--e.g., details about the student’s abilities and interests, post-secondary goals, and self-determination skills 
  • Daily instruction on skills that will be needed for adult living, post-secondary education, employment, and community engagement

A strong collaborative transition team, with the right members, is the key to carrying out the best practices described in this section.

Form for recording progress towards best practices ages 14 to 17.

Adolescent boy who is deaf-blind at track meet. He's sitting in a wheelchair. His parents are standing behind him.