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Literacy for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind: Building a Foundation


This module is meant to be used in conjunction with the website Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss, which outlines stages of literacy development and matches them with strategies for promoting the literacy skills of children who are deaf-blind. The website covers a full range of literacy skills, but this module focuses primarily on two topics: foundations for literacy and early emergent literacy.


Before you get started, open the module journal (you will use this to record reflections throughout the module) and take a moment to write a few thoughts about what literacy means to you in the top section, Introduction: "What is Literacy?" Reflections – Part 1."

Download this handout (you will use it during the slide presentation):

Watch this slide presentation: 

Return to the journal and respond to the questions under Introduction: "What is Literacy?" Reflections – Part 2."