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OHOA Module: Introduction to Orientation and Mobility for Interveners

Learning Activity 3: Understanding the Spatiotemporal Development Framework

Time to complete: 3.5 hours

In this section of the module you will review important information about the impact of deaf-blindness on early development and movement. There are many images and videos included to help you understand the levels of development and how educators and family members can support a student's development. You will also review information about the roles of occupational and physical therapists, which are vital for interveners to understand.


Download the handout "Spatiotemporal Development Framework." It provides a summary of the five levels of development and will be a helpful reference as you go through the presentations.

Watch these slide presentations:


The Spatiotemporal Development Framework describes the sequence of orientation and mobility development for all children. Educational team members support students according to their developmental level within the framework.