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OHOA Module: An Overview of Deaf-Blindness and Instructional Strategies

Learning Activity 1: The Population of Students Who Are Deaf-Blind

Time to complete: 1 hour


Watch this slide presentation:

Read the following:

Review your state project's website:

Suggested Discussion Board Activities and Assignments

Discussion Board Activity - Children Who Are Deaf-Blind in Your State: 

Post your responses to the following on the discussion board:

  1. How does the number of students with deaf-blindness in your state impact schools and families? 
  2. Based on the reading “Deaf-Blindness Overview,” describe what diversity means in serving this population.

Take a few moments to read and respond to at least one other participant's post.


  • Data from the National Child Count indicate that deaf-blindness is rare and yet diverse.
  • Having a child with deaf-blindness has a big impact on both families and school districts.