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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 3: Engage children in presentation activities in the classroom and community.

What to Do

  • Develop a plan to include the child in classroom assignments such as book reports
  • Provide adaptations, assistive technology and/or communication devices to allow the child to increase his or her participation in classroom presentations
  • Provide opportunities for the child to participate in extracurricular or community activities that involve reading to others (e.g. theater, poetry, music performances)
  • Include IEP goals related to presentation skills and specify the adaptations and modifications needed to allow the child to practice and improve those skills  

Things to Consider

  • Does your classroom planning allow for multiple opportunities for presentations using a variety of presentation modes?
  • Are each child’s adaptations and modifications taken into account when planning presentation activities?
  • Are you continuing to use tactile representation and enhancements to reading materials to increase familiarity and fluency?
  • Are assistive technology devices in working order? Do all team members know how to use them?
  • Is adequate time scheduled to allow children to prepare and present reports and performances?
  •  Are you accessing your network of colleagues and friends to find presentation opportunities outside the classroom?

Always Ask Yourself