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OHOA Module: Intervener Strategies

Revisiting the Inquiry Challenge

Time to complete: 20 minutes

In the inquiry challenge at the beginning of this module you reflected on the ways that different types of learning (incidental, secondary, direct) influence the process of intervention. Throughout this module you have learned about four key intervener strategies that provide the types of direct learning experiences that are crucial for students with deaf-blindness:

  • Do With, Not For
  • Hand Under Hand
  • Be a Bridge, Not a Barrier
  • Take Your Time – Pace, Process, Wait

Let's review some advice from Megan Mogan that you saw at the beginning of the module about how the strategies work together.

Now go to the "Revisiting the Inquiry Challenge" section of your Intervener Journal. Using the example of Matthew from the Inquiry Challenge, respond to the following:

  1. Describe how at least two of the intervener strategies worked together to provide a direct learning experience for Matthew.
  2. Matthew’s primary method of learning while at Arlington Cemetery was direct learning. Focusing on what might have occurred after the visit, list two or three secondary learning strategies that Cindy could have used to build on what Matthew learned.