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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 4: Create books adapted to individual child preferences, abilities and interests.

What to do

  • Adapt existing books to make them more accessible
  • Take already created and adapted books and add additional text that may extend concepts, vocabulary and connected language
  • Take already created and adapted books and display existing text in other forms
  • Create Experience Books using objects and pictures
    • Identify familiar symbols and concepts that the child will read in the book or story
    • Identify new concepts you want the child to learn
    • Locate materials for the book
    • Put experience book together with child
  • Replicate an existing experience book using a different form of text
  • Create story bags and boxes, talking photo albums, and PowerPoint books

Things to consider

  • Have you taken the following into account: size, format, length?
  • Is there a way for children to access materials on their own (if not mobile)?
  • Are the concepts in the book known by the child?

Always Ask Yourself