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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 6: Provide multiple opportunities to interact with text through shared storybook reading

What to do

  • Identify a variety of people with whom the child has a relationship who can engage in sharing a story with the child
  • Identify a variety of ways to engage with the child prior to sharing the storybook
  • Establish joint attention before you begin
  • Expect and wait for a response from the child
  • Be aware of how the child gains your attention
  • Use shared storybook reading (Module 3) to read experience books and other favorites

Things to consider

  • Are you presenting materials in a consistent manner each time you give them to the child?
  • Are you watching for the child to gain your attention to share something about the book?
  • Are you responding when the child initiates conversation about the book?
  • Are you considering ways to expand vocabulary, concepts or feelings as the child becomes more familiar with the book?


Always Ask Yourself