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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 1: Provide access to the general education curriculum using individualized reading and writing materials

What to Do

  • Identify grade level curriculum goals, standards and areas of study.
  • Identify the relevant big idea/key concept appropriate for student.
  • Connect text to real life experiences, provide concrete experiences and relate text to child’s prior knowledge.
  • Adapt grade level texts or locate trade books on specific areas of study.
  • Adapt text or presentation by adding pictures/symbols, reducing amount of text, reduce complexity of text as needed, provide multi-sensory materials to reinforce text and concepts.
  • Provide accessible formats for literacy materials.
  • Provide/create key words in accessible format and have available to student.
  • Preview key vocabulary.
  • Read book, article, text multiple times, in a variety of formats (for example, teacher reads aloud with props, computer access, choral reading, speech/AAC device, round robin, readers theater-act out story).

Things to Consider

  • Are all materials offered in child’s preferred reading medium?
  • Are all materials age appropriate?
  • Are materials provided at both the instructional and independent reading levels?
  • For students in inclusive settings, are you pre-reading lesson before presentation in general education classroom?

Always Ask Yourself