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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 3: Implement comprehension strategies before reading

What to Do

  1. Activate background knowledge by previewing literacy materials
    • Exploring objects in story bag/box
    • Picture walk - teacher walks and talks the child through the pages to point out key features of the images on the pages or the objects added to the pages or tactile cues and print/braille
    • Discuss cover image, object, or tactile cue and title to introduce vocabulary
    • Use visual maps or story maps to introduce the story
  2. Establish purpose for reading:  fun and/or learning objectives

  3. Rules for Answering Comprehension Question

first, next, last diagram

Things to Consider

  • Are you using symbols demonstrated through an assessment process as being understood by the student?
  • Have you identified key aspects of the story and vocabulary to introduce to the child before you begin reading the story together?
  • Are you allowing enough time for the student to respond?
  • Are you taking into consideration issues such as clutter, contrast, etc. when presenting literacy materials?


Always Ask Yourself