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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 3: Incorporate rhythm, music, finger plays and mime games

What to do

  • Sing and play with child often, regardless of concerns about what he or she is hearing and seeing
  • Look for opportunities within naturally occurring activities (e.g. in the car, on your lap, during dressing/undressing, playing with brothers and sisters, during transition times within classroom)
  • Take advantage of times when the child is waiting for other things to happen (e.g. lunch line, bus ride, classmates going to the bathroom)
  • Use music and activities that are the same/similar to what other children the same age would be involved with
  • Add movement, tapping, vibrations to the activity
  • Use a resonance board if you have one (or make one)
  • Let the child lay on the floor and listen to loud music sometimes

Things to consider

  • Are you making it fun?
  • Have you chosen music and activities that are age appropriate?
  • Are you taking turns?
  • Are you observing what the child likes and doesn't like?
  • Are you giving the child chances to ask for more? To signal "finished"?


Always Ask Yourself