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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 6: Teach name, name sign and/or personal identifier of child and those the child interacts with on a regular basis

What to do

  • Identify the form of text that will work best for the child's name
  • Use the child's name in naturally occurring times and situations at home, school and in the community
  • Use the child's name any time a new person interacts with him or her
  • Identify the people who are of interest to or interact regularly with the child and provide their name in a consistent way that makes sense to the child each time they interact
  • Incorporate the child's name and other names in journals, stories, conversations and naturally occurring situations (e.g. attendance, lunch count)
  • Teach child that every person has a name whether or not the person is an integral part of their life

Things to consider

  • Are you expecting the child to learn the names of too many people at a time?
  • Are you: 1) indicating the child's name on his body and 2) your name on your body?
  • Are all individuals identifying themselves in a consistent manner?
  • Are you allowing enough wait time to see if the child responds?


Always Ask Yourself