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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 5: Teach print and book awareness

What to do

  • Point out literacy behaviors as you engage in them
  • Locate examples of print at home, at school and in the community and take child to where he/she can see/touch them
  • Talk about front/back, top/bottom, open/close during book handling
  • Allow child to scribble, stamp, finger paint, use stickers or alternative pencils
  • Label objects at home and in the classroom using a variety of forms (objects, partial objects, pictures, tactile representations, print, braille)
  • Match pictures to words
  • Allow child access to books throughout the day
  • Visit a library or bookstore and/or introduce the child to a keyboard, iPad or Kindle
  • Use "big books" at home or in the classroom

Things to consider

  • Are you introducing children to a variety of forms of print?
  • Are you signing as well as speaking?
  • Is there a way for children to access books on their own (if not mobile)?
  • Are you presenting the materials in a consistent manner each time you give them to the child?


Always Ask Yourself