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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 5: Teach writing skills for organization, record keeping and finances.

What to Do

  • Note upcoming events on the calendar
  • Keep a record of events using a remnant book 
  • Write notes and reminders
  • Make lists
  • Make a schedule
  • Take notes about what you are learning in class 
  • Keep a reading log of books you have read
  • Create a log to track daily health care needs/tasks
  • Create and use a print or Braille address book or create contacts in a tech device
  • Create a log to track money earned, spent and saved
  • Complete checks or deposit slips to participate in a classroom economy or at home

Things to Consider

  • Are you choosing the most functional means of writing for each task
    • Depending on the task and setting, children will benefit from using multiple means of writing including use of real objects, symbols, their AAC devices, alternate pencils, adapted or typical keyboards, or standard technology and pencils.
  • Are there adaptations such as signature guides, magnification, contrast, or technology that could increase the child’s independence?
  • Are you supporting the child in generalizing skills to new settings by using a variety of forms and tasks in multiple environments?
  • Can you give the child an allowance or set up a classroom economy to provide opportunities for creating and using financial records?


Always Ask Yourself