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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 9: Incorporate writing into activities used to check reading comprehension

What to Do

  • Write predictions prior to reading then revisit after reading
  • Write to demonstrate understanding of story vocabulary
  • Write to tell what happened in the story
  • Create story maps
  • Write to extend the story or change the ending
  • Write a personal response to the story
  • Create plot sequences and timelines
  • Write adapted essays or reports 

Things to Consider

  • Are you choosing topics and tasks that appeal to the child?
  • Does the child a have a way to select a topic?  Would there be benefit from using a remnant book or other collection of topics that are interesting and important to the child?
  • What should the child's writing look like in this activity?
    • Depending on the activity, the child may scribble, create single word responses, or compose phrases or sentences. Many activities offer an opportunity to use a combination of these.
    • Just as we encourage multiple means of communication, many children will benefit from using multiple means of writing including use of real objects, symbols, their AAC devices, adapted or typical keyboards, or standard technology and pencils depending on the task and setting. Provide opportunities for the beginning writer to write or create text with symbols or words and with all of the letters of the alphabet (even if the child can't yet spell). Pair symbols with print or braille depending on the child's vision needs. Use Alternate Pencils for children who cannot or will not use a regular pencil or braille writer.
    • Alternate pencils allow every child to write. There are no prerequisite skills! Every child can write.
  • What adaptations or supports will the child need?
    • Sentence starters and other fill-in-the blank types of activities may be helpful for beginning writers. Writing with symbols may help them more effectively communicate their message. However, every child should also have access to writing with the full alphabet every day using Alternate Pencils if needed.


Always Ask Yourself