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Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Strategy 8: Use writing to expand a child's vocabulary

What to Do

  • Have the child label items and the places they are stored
  • Write about both familiar tasks and special events focusing on key vocabulary and concepts
  • Build background knowledge through experiences then brainstorm then write to teach vocabulary
  • Create Predictable Chart stories about key concepts or to provide multiple opportunities to practice a target vocabulary word
  • Create simple books about target topics

Things to Consider

  • Are you targeting words that teach important concepts and that can be used frequently in multiple settings?
  • Are you including interesting vocabulary?
    • For example, pumpkins are round and orange, but they are also smooth and the inside is slippery, slick and slimy. You could use the opportunity to teach age-appropriate social expressions like Yuck! and Sick!
  • How can you use the child's writing throughout the day in other tasks and activities to reinforce the words you are teaching?


Always Ask Yourself