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Transition: Creating a Vision for Adult Life

July 2020

Although transition planning isn't required by law to be part of your child's IEP until age 16 (or sooner in some states), families should start planning for adult life as early as they would for a child without a disability. What is your plan for where your child will live after graduation from high school? What will they do for work? How will they spend their leisure time? On this page you’ll find stories that provide ideas and inspiration related to transition planning and post-school life for youth who are deafblind or have other disabilities.

Three photos of Jack and his mother and father.


Transition & Adult Life Success Stories
Stories highlighting self-determination, access, and family involvement.

Malik’s Story
Describes planning and strategies used to help Malik move to an independent living home. 

David’s Story
Illustrates how work experiences during high school prepared David for employment after graduation.

Emerging Leader Stories
Stories of young adults with developmental disabilities living, working, learning, and participating in recreational activities in their communities.

Carley’s story
A young woman with significant support needs achieved her dream of living in her own home. 

Patrick’s story
Patrick talks about how a job was created for him using customized employment.

Accessing the Dream: Preparing DeafBlind Youth for a Self-Determined Life
Videos from past Transition Institutes in which young adults, family members, and service providers share stories and experiences.