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Making Connections

The state deafblind projects and NCDB work together as a network to improve services and outcomes for children who are deafblind and their families. Since we don't often have a chance to meet face to face, staying informed and connected online is essential to our network's success.

On this page, we've streamlined ways to make connecting with each other and staying up-to-date less overwhelming. Please let us know if these options are helpful and send suggestions for making staying connected easier and more meaningful to

NCDB and State Deafblind Project Messaging

NCDB Staff

NCDB Staff

Group of 14 individuals

NCDB Staff

Please feel free to contact any NCDB staff member at any time. If you don't know who to contact you can email

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Conference audience

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State Projects

Connect with your colleagues across the nation. Every project has a contact page on this website. Let us know if you need to update your contact details so that we can keep everyone's information current. 

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The group platform Basecamp has replaced the state project portal. This is where you can communicate with other projects and share resources. If you have questions, contact Haylee Berland.

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Young adults prepare to go canoeing.

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News and Events

On this new website, there is an opportunity to receive an email anytime we add a news or event. To receive an email, click the link below to complete a subscription form.

Network Activities

State Project Webinars

Other News/Events

Do you have an event happening in your state that is not listed? We would love to include your events in this list. Email with the event name, dates and information so we can post it!

Mentoring Opportunities

Whether you are new to the network or have been a part of it for years, mentoring is a great opportunity to share knowledge and resources. If you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee email Megan Cote.