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Key Topics for Families

Note: Given the current need for information to support families at home while schools and many services are closed, NCDB has added a COVID-19 section to this page.

"Key Topic for Families" are special web pages with information on tips, strategies, and supports that families of children with deaf-blindness can use to help them navigate their child's services and their family's everyday life. Be sure to explore all of the other resources in the For Families section of this website too.

A 4-year old boy with deaf-blindness who is in a wheelchair is being pushed by his 9-year-old brother. It looks like they are going fast and both have big smiles.

Resources to Support Families During COVID-19 Outbreak

Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities


Learning Opportunities

See our family events page for online training and webinars you can participate in from home.

Other Topics