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October Monthly Update

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OSEP Conference Materials

Archived materials are now available for the 2021 OSEP Leadership and Project Directors' Conference. Session recordings for all plenaries, large group panels, breakout presentations, posters, and technology demonstrations were recently moved from the conference platform to the OSEP IDEAs That Work YouTube Channel to allow continued access to the content.


Opportunities to Collaborate with Hands & Voices

Over the last few years, NCDB has partnered with Hands & Voices (H&V) on ways to collaborate at national and state levels to meet the needs of families and identify children as early as possible. Please read this letter, Learn About Hands & Voices, for information on connecting and partnering with the local H&V chapter in your state. 

Media Needs Announcement

NCDB is looking for photos and videos of children who are deafblind, their families, and educators for a new training series, Teaching Children Who Are Deafblind: Professional Development for Educators. Those who can contribute will receive $50 per video and $15 per photo. 

Media Needs Announcement


New(ish) Resources

Video Fact SheetsUsing Hand Under Hand Strategy (3:09 minutes) and Using the Pause Strategy (4:25 minutes). Developed by the Idaho, California, and Montana state deaf-blind projects.

Pancsofar, N., & Petroff, J. G. (2021). "If we could just sit down and talk”: Fathers’ partnerships with educational professionals. Exceptionality (published online 06/20/21).



New NCDB Article: “Breaking Down Barriers to a Meaningful Adult Life”

Read the remarkable story of Jason Corning, a young man who’s become a successful college graduate, teacher, business owner, and passionate advocate for the deaf-blind community. Hear his advice about overcoming the challenges of being deaf-blind at school, in the workplace, and in adult life.

Breaking Down Barriers to a Meaningful Adult Life

East Carolina University Graduate Program

A new cohort will begin in January 2022 for the East Carolina University Graduate Certificate in Deaf-Blind Studies program, an on-line, cohort-based program. It is for educators, family members, and other professionals with undergraduate degrees, who work with learners who are deaf-blind. For more information, see the link below. 

ECU Graduate Certificate in Deaf-Blind Studies


The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is providing assistance to families who are traveling for medical visits. Check out the CHARGE website for more information on the Medical Travel Assistance Program.

The Foundation also provides direct support and resources for new families as part of its Family Assistance Program. This includes welcome packages for families of children recently diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome.

SC Annual AER Virtual Conference

The annual South Carolina AER Conference will be held virtually November 4-5, 2021. The theme is "Extending our Reach: Bringing Virtual Instruction to Life for Complex Learners with Visual Impairments." For more information, click on the link below.

SC Annual AER Virtual Conference


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