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April Monthly Update

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OSEP Impact Story

This publication, Making a Difference: Professional Development for Early Intervention With Children Who Are Deafblind, was created for OSEP’s Impact Story Initiative. It describes why NCDB chose to create a module for early intervention practitioners, what makes it unique, and how state deafblind projects and NCDB can use it to make professional development on this topic more widely available.

NFADB Board of Directors Nominations

The National Family Association for DeafBlind (NFADB) has open positions for its Board of Directors. The call for nominations is open through May 15. Contact Edgenie Bellah, nominations chair, at or at (512) 563-3676 if you have any questions or would like to nominate someone.

Now Available: Common Project Measure Documents

The Common Project Measure documents are now available in a folder in the State Deafblind Project Connections Basecamp group. If you have any questions, please contact your project officer. 

Exceptional Parent Magazine

Did you know subscriptions to Exceptional Parent Magazine are free? This award-winning publication focuses on serving the special needs community. Sign up here to receive a free monthly subscription. In this month’s issue, Ethan Morrobel describes his experiences growing up with Usher Syndrome in An Uncomfortable Life.

Available in Spanish: IEP Team Discussion Guide

The newly redesigned “Are Intervener Services Appropriate for Your Student Who Is Deafblind?: An IEP Team Discussion Guide” is now available in Spanish on NCDB’s website: ¿Son adecuados los servicios de un interventor para su alumno sordo-ciego? Guía de debate para el equipo del IEP. In addition to the translation, the look has been refreshed and updated to make it easier to read and use. The purpose of the guide is to help IEP teams make informed decisions by understanding how a student's deafblindness affects their access to information, communication, social relationships, and conceptual learning.

New Journal Articles

If you need assistance accessing any of these articles, contact

Acheampong, E. K., & Abu-Sadat, R. (2023). Experiences of a student with deaf-blindness in community-based rehabilitation and disabilities studies unit in the University of Education, Winneba. Special Education Research, Policy and Practice, 78-88. 

Grattan, J., & Demchak, M. (2024). Using system of least prompts to teach self-help skills to students who are deafblind. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 0(0). 

Upcoming Events

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