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Previous Monthly Update - October 2020

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Identification and Referral Initiative

The EI&R initiative has undergone some exciting changes. It has a new name, Identification and Referral Initiative, to reflect the importance of finding children and youth of all ages. Existing NCDB tools and support on early identification and referral are still available and information about personnel development for early intervention providers has been moved to the Interveners and Qualified Personnel Initiative.



Deaf-Blind Child Count Instructions

The Deaf-Blind Child Count Instructions have been posted on NCDB's Child Count Management web page. Extensive revisions were made this year, so be sure to read the instructions carefully. There is also a new webcast, How to Conduct the 2020 Deaf-Blind Child Count.






Outcomes and Reporting Webinar

October 7, 2020, 3:00-4:30 ET

This webinar is required for at least one state deaf-blind project director or coordinator from each project. It will provide a summary of OSEP findings from the Year 2 state deaf-blind project common measures APR data and implications for TA and project performance. Presenters: Susan Weigert, Sam Morgan, and Julie Durando.

See 2020 Virtual DB Summit for State Deaf-Blind Projects for connection details (this will also be sent to everyone via email).

Activities at Home to Promote Transition Skills

NCDB has a new key topic for families called Activities at Home to Promote Transition Skills. It provides activities that are relevant during the pandemic or any time to help a child or youth prepare for employment, future education, and living as independently as possible. Please share with families in your states.

Website Highlight: Family Events

Have you checked out or shared the Family Events calendar on our website? It includes learning opportunities, online trainings, and recorded webinars that are relevant to families. If you have an event to add, email



Accessibility Resources: WebAIM Newsletter

Are you interested in staying current on web accessibility news and topics? The monthly WebAIM Newsletter features articles, tips, resources, and FAQs found in web accessibility circles. 



New Article

Mortier, K., & Arias, E. (2020). The Latino community is not accustomed to arguing for the rights of their children: How Latina mothers navigate special education. Journal of Latinos and Education. Published online: 24 Aug 2020.

If you are interested in this article, but do not have access to it, contact







New Online Chat Feature for Hayes Research Library

The Hayes Research Library page has a new instant chat feature. If you are looking for information or a resource or publication, this is a quick and convenient way to contact library staff.

Hayes Research Library "Chat with Staff" box.


New Books

Roman, C. (2020). Sensory balance: An approach to learning media planning for students with CVI. Perkins School for the Blind. Cost: $34.95.

Damen, S., Costain, K., Hart, P., & Nicholas, J. (Eds.) (2020). Revealing hidden potentials: Assessing cognition in individuals with congenital deafblindness. Nordic Welfare Center. Cost: Free online.

Creutz, M. (2020). Psychological assessment of individuals with deafblindness. Nordic Welfare Center. Cost: Free online.




Archived Monthly Updates

If you are looking for a prior months update, please email and we can send you a PDF of any previous monthly update.