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Info Center

Welcome to NCDB's Info Center. Here you will find information about deaf-blindness, educational practices for children and youth, and the National Child Count. Our goal is to help users find high-quality resources and avoid information overload.

Information includes links to a wide variety of resources—factsheets, websites, articles, videos—for families, service providers, and anyone else involved in the life of a child with deaf-blindness. We have also kept all of our popular legacy publications from previous OSEP-funded projects (see bottom of page). 

If you are having trouble finding what you need, please email

What you'll find in our info center

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Deaf-Blindness Overview

Learn about deaf-blindness, the diversity of the population and their educational needs, and view profiles of amazing children and youth.

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Educational Practices

Find resources on the the wide array of practices that help children and youth with deaf-blindness learn, develop, and lead meaningful lives.

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National Child Count

Access state and national data on children and youth who are deaf-blind, including demographics, causes of deaf-blindness, and more.



In addition to what you find on this website, there are many other great sources of information about deaf-blindness. NCDB's most extensive partnership in this area is with Perkins School for the Blind. The research librarian at Perkins' Hayes Research Library is a part-time NCDB employee and NCDB and Perkins  work closely together to stay up-to-date on the literature on deaf-blindness and make it available to families and practitioners.

Access Information at Perkins



Info Consortium

In January 2019, NCDB began a new group called the Deaf-Blind Information Consortium. It consists of agencies that, in addition to other services, make information about deaf-blindness available to a national audience. Its purpose is to share ideas and resources and improve the coordination of information on deaf-blindness provided to families and service providers throughout the United States.


NCDB Practice Guides

NCDB is creating a series of practice guides that outline the essential components of instructional practices commonly used with children who are deaf-blind. They are primarily intended as a tool for state deaf-blind project personnel and practitioners to inform training and coaching needs.