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Identification and Referral

This initiative provides assistance and tools to support state deaf-blind projects in their work to increase identification and referral (I&R). It has recently undergone some exciting changes. The name, which was previously “Early Identification and Intervention” has been changed and, while existing NCDB tools and support on early I&R are still available, the initiative is expanding to encompass all ages. 

Identification of children and youth who are deaf-blind and referral to state deaf-blind projects is essential so that families, early interventionists, and educators can receive the information and support they need to provide this population of children with the services they require to learn and thrive. 

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Initiative Contacts

Emma Nelson

NCDB Support

NCDB provides support to state deaf-blind projects as they engage in systems-change activities to improve identification and referral of children who are deaf-blind. Our support includes:

  • Consultation regarding use of the Early Identification and Referral Self-Assessment Guide to analyze the effectiveness of a state's EI&R activities and identify strategies to improve them
  • A peer-learning community (PLC) on increasing identification and referral efforts
  • Intensive systems TA on improving identification through work with state systems including Part C, EHDI, state education departments, the health care system, and community providers