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For State Deaf-Blind Projects

State deaf-blind projects provide a range of services to improve results for children with deaf-blindness and their families. They . . . 

  • Work closely with early intervention and education providers to address the high-intensity educational needs of children who are deaf-blind and prepare them for a successful transition to adult life
  • Facilitate family involvement in education and transition opportunities
  • Collaborate with OSEP-funded parent training and information centers
  • Conduct activities to increase early identification and referral
  • Promote access to and progress in the general education curriculum and grade-level academic content standards

This section of the website provides information and resources to support the projects with this important work.

2022 Conference DB Summit

DB Summit 2021-2022

DB Summit, an annual meeting for state deaf-blind projects, is going virtual for 2021-2022. Three virtual sessions have already taken place. Find more information and recordings on the DB Summit for State Deaf-Bind Projects page.

We had hoped to hold a face-to-face meeting in January 2022, but due to continuing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, that meeting will now also be virtual. Stay tuned for details and dates (this will be sent to all state deaf-blind projects via email).

Ongoing Support from NCDB

NCDB's primary role is to provide assistance to  state projects to help them conduct their project activities. Our services include technical assistance (TA) and tools to support child-specific and systems TA. Child-specific TA refers to the work projects do with educational teams and families regarding specific children. Systems TA refers to activities to create or improve state and local services to better meet the needs of children who are deaf-blind and their families.

Read the most recent evaluations of our services, conducted by an external evaluator:

Learn more about NCDB's services

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Making Connections

We all rely on each other for information and support to help children, families, and service providers. Learn how to stay connected to other state deaf-blind projects and NCDB. 

Making Connections


Project Management

State deaf-blind projects have numerous grant operation and management responsibilities, such as budgeting, evaluation, dissemination, and work plans. This page provides information about a wide range of these types of tasks. It's probably most relevant to new directors and coordinators, but experienced personnel may also find useful tips.

Project Management

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Monthly Updates

Having trouble keeping up with your emails? Monthly updates are the answer. 

Every month we compile summaries of email notices you may have missed, as well as additional announcements about such things as upcoming webinars, new resources, recent publications, and news from OSEP. 

Read the monthly update