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Network Vision Statement and Logo

NCDB, in collaboration with state deafblind projects, has developed a few items we can all use to promote our network efforts. These items, created in 2017, can help us articulate our collective objectives, brand our collaborative work, and share knowledge and tools.

Deaf-Blind Network Logo

Network Vision Statement

Children and youth who are deafblind receive supports and services that allow them to experience full integration and participation in society including education, employment, community, and social relationships.

Our Mission is to provide families, professionals, and the community with:

  • Opportunities for shared leadership and collaboration
  • A national network of supports and services across the age range
  • Personnel who are qualified and knowledgeable
  • Systems with improved capacity

Network Logo

As a network, state deafblind projects and NCDB have long collaborated on materials that generated conversation about how to best represent these mutual efforts. This logo provides a way to brand collaborative products and increase visibility for the network.

Criteria for Logo Use
The logo signifies that the effort and resources used to build a product were provided by state deafblind projects and/or NCDB working in collaboration. It is not meant to confer authority. NCDB products and materials almost always involve collaboration with state deafblind projects, so NCDB will be including the network logo on most of its materials. State deafblind projects may also wish to use the logo on materials that involve collaboration with other state deafblind projects. 

Download Network logo file .png 
Download Network logo file B/W .png