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(NC) North Carolina Project for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind

Exceptional Children Division, NC Department of Public Schools
6356 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6356

NC Deaf Blind Logo


Phone: (919) 807-3690

Fax: (919) 807-3243

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Project Staff

Dottie Snyder [Project Contact]

Project Co-Director

(919) 807-3690

Rowena Barker

Family Engagement Coordinator

(704) 892-1321

Julie Brickhouse

Technical Assistance Staff


Debra Pickens

Project Co-Director

(800) 962-6817 x327

Sandra Warren

Teacher Support Program

(252) 328-2699

Andrea Blackwood 

Teacher Support Program - Technical Assistance Coordinator

(252) 328-1140

Louise Tripoli

OSEP Project Officer

(202) 245-7554