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Posted Oct 07, 2015|Archived Webinar

EI&R Webinar Series - Using the Self-Assessment Guide

Recorded October 7, 2015

Webinar Description

Early Identification & Referral Initiative lead, Megan Cote and Mark Schalock (NCDB), along with State Deaf-Blind Project staff Emma Nelson (VT), Rebecca Obold-Geary (KS), and Jennie Mascheck (MO) shared their experiences using the Self-Assessment Guide (SAG). They explored the specifics of making the SAG work for your state and shared what they learned from the process of using the guide. 

This was the first of several webinars being offered to state projects to have the opportunity to collectively engage in discussions to further national efforts to more effectively identify children who are deaf-blind at an earlier age.

The full list of the webinar series can be found here:
NCDB Webinar Series: Early Identification & Referral


Webinar Resources


Presenter Information

Megan Cote and Mark Schalock
National Center on Deaf-Blindness

Emma Nelson
Vermont Sensory Access Project

Jennie Mascheck
Missouri Deafblind Task Force
Missouri School for the Blind

Rebecca Obold-Geary