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Posted May 14, 2021|Archived Webinar

Introduction to Deaf-Blindness Webinar Series Recordings

This 3-part webinar series by the Montana Deaf-Blind Project provides an overview on deaf-blindness. 

Part 1: What is Deaf-Blindness?

This webinar will introduce a functional definition of deaf-blindness, along with the key questions to be answered in order to determine if a particular learner experiences deaf-blindness (DB). The presenter will introduce various etiologies of and categorization schemes for DB (i.e., by time of onset, degree, and type), as well as benefits of categorizing deaf-blindness by both time of onset and degree. Specific examples of each of four major categories of DB will be included. The webinar will conclude with an explanation of the primary ways in which deaf-blindness impacts a learner’s interaction with the environment and school performance.

Part 1 Recording

Part 2: Introduction to Vision Loss and Hearing Loss 

In this webinar, the presenter will examine vision loss and hearing loss independently. For both visual and auditory sensory systems losses, discussion will include: the major types of loss, how a learner processes information as a result of various individual types of loss, and the potential impact of combination of losses in each sensory system. The webinar will include a general description of the way in which diagnosticians describe each sensory loss. It will conclude with a presentation of some key resources for families and educational teams.

Part 2 Recording

Part 3: Unique Learning Needs and Building Structure Through Routines

Foundational to this webinar is the fact that learners who experience deaf-blindness (DB) are an incredibly heterogeneous group. The presenter will discuss general characteristics of learners with DB, relevant to learning, within the context of what communication partners should remember and strategies they should utilize when they meet and interact with a learner who experiences DB. The webinar will provide a functional definition of a routine and its essential elements, while focusing on the critical importance of structure for a learner with DB. The presentation will conclude with an examination of the essential skills a learner can gain from meaningfully structured activities / tasks.

Part 3 Recording 

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