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Posted Nov 30, 2023|Announcement

Earworm Podcast: Dialogues on hearing health you can’t stop thinking about

The Earworm podcast features conversations with a wide array of professionals, family members, advocates, and scientists whose experiences, ideas, curiosities, and activities are committed to ensuring that all children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can thrive. 

The following four episodes are already available and more will be added at the beginning of every month.

  • Episode 1: Newborn Screening Isn’t Enough: Monitoring Hearing Status Throughout Early Childhood with Dr. Dylan Chan
  • Episode 2: Newborn Screening Isn’t Enough: A parent’s perspective on late identified hearing loss with Valerie Abbott
  • Episode 3: Diagnosing Why? The importance of knowing the cause of a child's hearing loss with Dr. Eliot Shearer
  • Episode 4: New Frontiers in Universal Hearing Screening: Genetic Screening Interview with Dr. Eliot Shearer

The Earworm podcast is available for streaming anywhere you listen to podcasts. It's also available at the link below. 

Access the Earworm Podcast