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Posted Jun 16, 2021|Archived Webinar

Shifting Your Perspective: Lessons and Insights from Spanish-Speaking Families

Recorded on June 16, 2021

What’s it like when you speak Spanish and are raising a child with deaf-blindness in the US?

In this webinar, hear from a dynamic panel of Spanish-speaking families who’ll discuss their personal experiences, including their struggles and successes. Find out what it’s like learning the diagnosis, accessing services, and locating support, and hear what they want other families and providers to know.

Importantly, this webinar offers a unique perspective: It was conducted in Spanish with English captions and live English interpreters. The captions within the recording were based on the live English interpretation and are subject to inaccuracy.

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Presenter Information

Myrna Medina, California Deafblind Services

Family members: Alejandro Cuevas, Carlos Martinez, Herlinda Rodriguez, Kenya Sanchez, Mayra Garcia, Sonia Hernandez, Martha de la Torre