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Posted Sep 20, 2017|Archived Webinar

2017 National Webinar: A Parent's Story

Recorded September 20, 2017

There were two presentations of this webinar, one in English and one in Spanish


Every family has an important story. In this presentation, Myrna Medina, Family Engagement Specialist at California Deafblind Services and mother to a son, Norman, with deaf-blindness, told her family's story, including:

  • Their experiences as they encountered situations common to all families of children with special needs
  • Their interactions with service systems (early intervention, school, transition) at different stages of Norman's life
  • Grief and other emotions they experienced and how they were able to cope and move forward


  • Families will learn that their stories are important and their feelings matter.
  • Families will learn strategies for coping with the many changes and transitions that occur during their children's lives.
  • Professionals will learn that it is essential to remember that behind the day-to-day details of schools and services every family has a personal story.
  • Professionals will learn strategies for supporting families.

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Myrna Medina, Family Engagement Specialist
California Deafblind Services